On the eve of Actorfest, I’m relaxing at a Starbucks near the SAG-AFTRA National Headquarters, and reflecting on today’s news.

Today I woke up to the horrible news out of Newtown, CT. Trying to wrap my mind around the tragedy; it’s another reminder of how fragile life can be.

Another reminder that we need to live every day as best we can.

And another day to remember that gun control must be a top priority, now more than ever. How often do we hear that we must protect ourselves from each other and that the 2nd Amendment is our god-given right? The 2nd Amendment was written by old white men over two centuries ago. I think there has to be a serious discussion about the priorities of this country, of our society: do we take care of each other or kill each other? Why is it so easy for me to go buy a gun when it’s impossible for someone else to get health care?

A friend of mine has summed up her thoughts so perfectly, I don’t know what else to say. But I encourage you to visit Megan Maxwell-Bey’s blog and read this post:

I Will. I Promise.

I came to Los Angeles this weekend to network and invest in my acting career. I will be meeting many people and hearing many opinions tomorrow at Actorfest. I know I’ll be inspired to take more action. It will be awesome to be among my tribe, and hear stories and get advice from people in the business.

But I’ll be thinking mostly about my family and loved ones.

More news soon…

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