It’s all come to an end.

How do you handle withdrawal from a show, especially when the ensemble has worked so closely and tirelessly together?

I’m very proud of the work in this show; very proud to go through blood, sweat and literal tears over this production. The hardest part was perhaps dealing with a lot of physical pain from our nightly rehearsals and performances. My role practically has me on my feet for the entire length of the performance. It put a lot of stress on my knees and feet – so, I’ve been working hard on trying to stay as comfortable as possible while onstage.

Marat/Sade – Thrillpeddlers, Brava Theater, July 2012

Last night I had the privilege of working with my fantastic cast and crew, while my peers and colleagues sat in the audience. The wonderful Diana Brown, who’s work I have admired for years; actors like Brian Vouglas and Richard Ryan, whom I’ve known for nearly twenty years or so; Jeff Newton, a fantastic Bay Area actor with whom I plan to collaborate with soon; and Dawn McMahan, whom I’ve also known for a good, long time, and leads Pythia, an Oakland-based dance company. I was very humbled and honored with their presence in the audience, and very proud to work in front of them and hear their feedback in the lobby afterward. I realized last night how important it is for me to have a community with such support and passion. And how I perhaps didn’t realize how many people in the Bay Area have made an impact in my artistic development. It’s quite remarkable when I think back to the the early 90s in San Francisco, when I was just starting out. I have such support here, and for all the talk about moving to NYC again, I’m seriously considering staying.

Now that my evenings are free again, and I have time to recuperate from this experience, I’m looking forward to the next project. Tonight, a staged reading of Twelfth Night for Subterrean Shakespeare, in Berkeley, directed by Dawn. Then suddenly, all of this activity will cease for a while, until I gear up for the next project. That’s all I want: to keep creating.

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