So what happened today that will set the tone for the next month to come?  Nine actors* got together to read the scenes that will be the foundation of a December Project at the Waterfront Playhouse and Conservatory in Berkeley.

Under the direction of Rachael Adler, WPC’s founding artistic director, and my longtime teacher, director, and mentor – we will be rehearsing and producing six challenging and fun scenes.  I have had a long collaborative relationship with Rachael and Meisner work, and I’m excited to be coming around again to work together.

We gathered this morning to enjoy a potluck with a reading of all of the scenes.  With some introductory remarks by Rachael, Boston Blake and Rose Haag, we launched into our scenes with great energy.

The plan is to rehearse and showcase the work in early to mid-December.  Tickets and information to follow soon.


Rachael Adler

Rachael Adler

Tina Rutsch
Boston Blake
Wylie Herman
Bobbie Breckenridge
Lauren Teylor
Olando Graves II
Reuben Alvear
Rose Haag

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