It's time for Actorfest

December is turning into a huge amount of activity; not only am I set for Shakespeare & Company; I'm also set to attend Actorfest LA.

Perhaps you've never heard of Actorfest. But if you have, and you've been to one, you know it's an amazing opportunity to network, audition, and meet people in the industry. I went to the New York edition last year, and it was a lot of fun.

As Actorfest is happening two weeks before I fly to the east coast, I'm going to be using this chance to really get a clear picture of what LA can be like. I'm also going to have the chance to meet and greet with casting directors, as well as get feedback on my headshot/resume. There will also be some open calls that I'm really excited about, too.

All in all, with these two major events happening, I'm still very involved with the theatre scene in SF; I'm attending a weekly Shakespeare class with Gwyneth Richards, who is currently acting in the Strindberg Chamber Plays at Cutting Ball; and I'm prepping for a big audition this weekend.

I also had a chance to check out a open dress rehearsal of Elektra at A.C.T. the other night; and sat in the Mezzanine of the Geary Theatre as I got to observe Olympia Dukakis and René Augesen work. It was great to see it come together, and I was especially thrilled with René's work as Elektra; she was spectacular - and of course, you can never go wrong with Olympia.

Watching this final dress rehearsal taught me that staying in the moment, and keeping a commitment to your choices, no matter how huge the risks/odds, are so important. There was only one instance of René asking for a line, yet able to stay in character and not lose her focus in the moment. Absolutely inspiring to watch, and as I sat there, I just kept thinking to myself:

I need to be this fearless.