And we're off!

Here's an update from the 24 Hour Playfest! Tonight the playwrights, actors, and directors all met to get the Fest started.  First, the playwrights all drew from a hat how many characters are to be in their play.  Then, from that they each, selected their actors, again, by draw.  And then the directors were selected.  And finally, a theme.

Now, the first theme chosen was something not everyone in the room was enthusiastic about:  'politics'.  The mention of that word drew a sort of collective sigh.  And it was suggested that another theme be chosen.

So our official theme is: 'that's not true.'

I'm in a two-person scene with actor Rob Dario, written by Rachel Bublitz, and directed by Diana DiCostanzo.

Tomorrow I arrive at the rehearsal space at 9a and work all day until about 4p.  We'll transfer over to the performance venue, and do a run-through in the space, and then showtime is at 7:30!

Should be exciting to see what we create!  More soon.

The performance is sold out.  Info:  24-Hour Playfest