Back to Shakespeare & Company

These last few months of the year (Oct - Dec) are always my favorite months. It's a good time to slow down before the holiday madness starts, but its also a good time to think about renewal and reinvigorating oneself. So, I've began preparing for a return to Shakespeare & Company, and will spend a month in Lenox, MA, working and playing in a month-long intensive. My association with the Company began in the summer of 1999, training, rehearsing, and performing for four months in splendid humidity. I had no idea that it would change my life. I came back the following summer for more. I've done several weekend workshops over the years with them, as well. I consider founding member Dennis Krausnick to be one of my mentors.

I've never let go of the work that changed my life; yet I've realized that I've needed to return to it, now more than ever. I'm putting my trust in the universe and letting myself take this risk to objectively look at myself, hold a mirror up, but also to really confront what blocks me as an actor; as a human being.

I have no doubt that doing this workshop (again) is happening at the right time. My job is fully supportive of this and has allowed me to take the time off to do it; I can afford to do it, and I can't think of anything better than living in the snowy Berkshires over the New Year, living and breathing this art; Shakespeare.

I also feel that this will be a wonderful chance to disconnect from the Internet. And so, I will try with all my willpower, to keep the iPhone and iPad at arms length. I've been going through my collection of books, deciding on what I want to take with me; thinking about only taking what I will be happy with. I've arranged to have a room to myself; and I'm SO looking forward to having a new electric blanket; hopefully finding time to take walks (weather permitting); taking walks into town for Lenox Coffee; or a walk down to The Mount.

This is all happening at a time when I'm intensely questioning my purposes and goals. This workshop, it's location, the memories I've shared there with loved ones - it's all sure to bring back a lot of emotion for me. I find it particularly hard to visit the Berkshires alone, especially over the last few years, as my visits have been very sentimental. This time will be quite different, of course - I feel like I'm coming full circle.

But I will have thoughts of a certain someone, whom I miss very much.