I'm excited to tell you about a new short film I'll begin shooting next month.  Entitled "Beacon" - it will be an ambitious project.  The story of an astronaut stranded on Mars.  It's got a lot of great things about it.

It's ambitious and it will showcase the caliber of many talents involved.  In particular, the amazing costume is designed by Sibilla Carini.  We've had multiple fittings so far, and the costume is a piece of work.  It's gonna be great fun to wear this costume and wandering around.

A few months ago, I had a chance to meet the production designer, Stephen Dudro.  He's created this amazing world through his artwork, and his drawings remind me of the Ralph McQuarrie paintings I'd stare at for hours on the face of Star Wars greeting cards.

Check out Stephen's portfolio and artwork here.

There is also a brand new Indiegogo campaign to raise the extra funds needed to complete the film.  I hope you can contribute - there are some great perks available.  And you'll be supporting incredible artists along the way.  Click on the image below to be taken to the campaign website.

Artwork by Stephen Dudro


I will be posting updates about the shoot here as we get started.