Beacon Wraps Photography

Beacon has wrapped principal photography, and all that remains are a few effects shots using green screen. For the interior shoot, a set was built into a garage. The first time I saw it, I was blown away. Stephen Dudro and his team put a lot of heart and soul into the design work. They built the living quarters of my character. I was surprised by the details and attention paid to little things, like books, and chess pieces.


In my home on Mars.


We had a lot of shots to get, maybe around 4o or so.  Our first day was the longest, and included several complicated setups, involving dolly and gib setups.  It was particularly challenging for me in a few of the scenes because we had to capture important emotional trauma that the character experiences.  On top of that we had the confines of a very limited space to work in together.  The garage was completely taken over and with the amount of detail that was built, it was very close-quarters for all of us.  The claustrophobic environment of the living quarters actually came alive for the entire crew as we spent hours in there, only taking our required lunch and breaks.

Then the camera had a software malfunction and bricked.  Not that any data had been lost, in terms of what we shot.  But the camera decided, on the second day, to cease to operate, and our DP, Jeff Diza, figured that the firmware needed a hard reset, and reinstallation.  No time to waste in order to fix it.

But we had a secret weapon up our sleeves.  Or, more specifically, Grant and Taylor Gilkeson, who run a production company called Future Human Productions, had it.

A Red Scarlet-X.  And it is a thing of beauty.  Shooting in 4K resolution.


Shooting with the Red Scarlet-X


So, in cinematic terms, what were going to be seeing is of a higher quality than the footage previously shot.  But there shouldn't be a huge difference to the eye, I'm told.  I was able to see some of the raw footage, and I was (needless to say) floored with the quality.  This film is going to look incredible on all fronts.

Now the effects work, editing and all of that magic that happens to bring it together has began.  I'm very excited to see where the film will go, and how people will like it.  There's no date I know of yet, in terms of release, but I will keep this website updated with info when I learn more.


Just another day on the job.