Olympians. Actorfest. Shakespeare & Co.  December will be an epic month. Besides wrapping up final rehearsals for Prometheus (and do see it, if you can!) - I'm set to spend a day in a police training program where I'll play a criminal, and be mock-interrogated by real officers.  I've never done it before, but it should be a fun way to spend the day (and get paid for it!)

Actorfest is now locked and loaded; my headshots are ready; my business cards are ready (thanks, Moo!) - and my weekend in LA is set; hopefully will be reconnecting with some friends, including Mr. Leon Acord; and enjoying the LA 'winter' - if you can call it that.  But one of the reasons behind investing so much in Actorfest this year is that I want to get a look into the LA market, and maybe start making some inroads down there.  I'll be attending several workshops, do meet and greets with casting directors and agents, get feedback on my headshot/resume; and at the end of it all, get to meet and get to know several casting directors over drinks.  We'll see where it all leads, but I'm very excited.

Then 10 days later, I head out to the east coast, for NYC and ultimately, Lenox, MA and settle in for a month of actor training.  I've already shipped out my old Shakespeare books I'll need while I'm there; a (new!) electric blanket is also there, waiting for me.  And I've been hitting Sports Basement and buying up winter clothes like never before; and I've also acquired new luggage for this journey, as I always travel with more than I need.  But always good to be prepared.

My NYC plans at this point have been swirling around in my mind, regarding what I'll do there with several days once I'm finished in Lenox.    So, I plan to hit any auditions I can (why not?); and see at least two or three shows.

I know that first on my list is to go back to Sleep No More and experience the most amazing interactive show I've ever been to.

I saw it last year and was absolutely stunned at it's depth and brilliance.  Talk about chasing shadows and getting lost in the noir and fog of the McKittrick Hotel.  I'll never forget chasing a witch through the castle of Inverness and into their witches apothecary, only to find Lady Macbeth raging at the dark and chasing her around corners and through dark rooms.  Spine-chilling.

I also want to catch Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf and possibly Glengarry Glen Ross on Broadway; but if my wallet can afford one, it'll have to be Martha and George.

So, let's get started.  It'll be a busy month, and once I find myself in my room in Lenox, MA, I'm sure I'll be sitting there for a moment, while the snow is falling, and my Christmas lights are illuminating the wall, that everything I'm doing right now is for the right reason.