Directing Black River Falls

A Midsummer's Night Dream ended as quickly as it began. As with any production where the work is excellent; the actors are committed and imaginative - and exceptionally wonderful humans - and combined with a lovely location and the right play at the right time - it's hard to let that go!  Especially when the production run only totals five performances.

Five performances.  Sadly, that's not enough for anyone.  The show hit it's stride very quickly, and by the final performance, we'd been telling each other that we'd finally approached our opening night performance!


The post-show blues have hit hard.  I miss everything about it.  I especially miss LeAnne.  I don't think I'd ever had a partner in acting such as her - and I'm very hopefully that we will work together in another project down the road.  Something tells me that we will.

For now:  I'm directing a play!

I've never directed a full-length play before, except for one-acts and short scenes in classes.  So I'm thrilled to have an opportunity to create something out of a fantastic play.

This play will be the west-coast premiere of Black River Falls, by Bryn Magnus.  When the artistic director of Performers Under Stress - Scott Baker - asked me if I'd be interested in directing, I was hesitant.  But that's because I doubted myself.  Can I work with actors? (yes); can I create a compelling piece of theatre that is engaging and exciting (yes and hopefully); can I explore my creative impulses and communicate what I want - there are so many decisions involved.  I've had to tell myself that it's OK to be confident with decisions, and that it's OK to not know anything at all, too.

I have a great and passionate group of actors and a generous six-week rehearsal window.  We have a lot of time to learn from each other; to create something together.  I'm very interested in the actors' interpretation and I hope that I can be clear in what I want.  But I also want to give the actors room to breathe and strech, and feel confident to experiement and try choices.

So, here we go.

Tickets for Black River Falls are available now.  The show opens on Oct. 29 and runs through Nov. 20.  $15-30.  8pm.