Fall Lineup

There are so many things on the horizon. In a week, the 24-Hour Play Festival gets underway.  Part of the anticipation for me is knowing that I won't know anything until I step into the rehearsal space with the director, playwright, and actors, and begin putting it together.  I'm excited for this.  It should be a great evening of theater!

On deck: Wily West Productions will be producing The Spooky Cabaret in early October, which will be performed over four nights; it will feature local playwrights and the themes, of course, will be of the supernatural, or spooky sort.  I've been asked to perform in a full-length piece by Bridgette Dutta Portman entitled, "Friar Lazaro, or the King of Terrors".  I plan to read the script this weekend.

Late October:  Actorfest LA is gearing up for a great weekend of networking, and I plan to attend.  I went to New York's version last year, and the LA version is just a no-brainer.  Why not go and meet people, get in on some workshops, and hopefully audition/meet casting directors.  Will this lead to a move to Southern California?  Too early to say... because...

Shakespeare & Company is possibily luring me away for a month in late-December, for the Month-Long Intensive.  Barring any logistical or scheduling conflicts, I may get to

return to the place that I consider to be the birthplace of my true acting career.  My mentors are there, and the work that brought out so many deep discoveries is something that I love returning to.  We'll see if luck wins out on this one.  By any means, I'll be in Lenox, MA in a few short months.