It began with a simple question from Boston Blake: "What's the one play you've always wanted to do?" "Oh that's a no-brainer:  it's gotta be 'True West' - hands down!"

Boston: "We have to do this play together.  I've always wanted to do it, too!"

And so, with that seed planted, Boston conceived of the Waterfront Playhouse & Conservatory ensemble production entitled "Firebrand."

Using a scene from 'True West' as the anchor, the show consists of seven scenes performed by graduates of the Meisner program, and directed by Playhouse founder Rachael Adler.  Boston directs a scene he wrote, called 'Binding Ties'; and Rose Haag, the Playhouse's Managing Director, directs a scene from 'Fool For Love.'

Boston and I would like to produce a full production of 'True West' in the future, so while we get to work together on this scene, it's clear that one scene isn't enough for either of us.  We HAVE to do the entire play!

I'm also performing 'Savage/Love' with Tina Rutsch, whom I met earlier this year at the Month-Long Intensive at Shakespeare & Company.  I've loved bringing this piece to life with Tina - it's one of the most beautiful ones in the show.

Over the development of this production, the talent that hopped on board has embodied the true meaning of the word 'ensemble.'  Everyone brings something specific and meaningful to their work, and to the Playhouse, overall.

The Playhouse can be a space for artists to learn from each other and create and develop their craft.  I studied with Rachael (then Steinberg) back in the late 90s, for two years.  Meisner work changed my approach to acting.  It's always been with me and has informed my work ever since.

If you manage to see this show, you'll see work from incredible artists.

True West by Sam Shepard (Boston Blake & Scott Ragle) Fool For Love by Sam Shepard (Boston Blake, Rose Haag & Nick Kretz) Binding Ties by Boston Blake (Boston Blake, Wylie Herman & Lauren Taylor) The Dutchman by LeRoi Jones (Bobbie Breckenridge & Olando Graves II) Savage/Love by Sam Shepard (Scott Ragle & Tina Rutsch) Bent by Martin Sherman (Boston Blake & Wylie Herman) The Dreamer Examines His Pillow by John Patrick Shanley (Reuben Alvear, Rose Haag & Lauren Taylor)

Firebrand is now playing through December 14, 2013.  Tickets are available here.