Juggling Projects

The Scottish Play closed just over a month ago.  Regrouping and re-evaluating.  Taking time to clear my head and cleanse myself.  I lost 16 pounds while working on that show.  I rode my bike 15 miles round-trip from home to the Fort; I injured my left hip during first preview and hurt my back, too; as well as getting my body to endure hours of standing, bitter cold, wind, dampness.. the list goes on.  I learned so much from it, and I've emerged with a new focus. I miss the routine of doing 4 shows a week, and undoubtedly, I miss the show itself. It was a great experience and lesson for me. I want to spend the time I now have to work toward on-camera opportunities.

A few weeks ago, I shot some green-screen effect shots for Beacon.  The film is in editing, and I'm excited to discover how it will turn out.  Here I am with a GoPro camera attached to my helmet, pretending that I'm wrestling an alligator. (Just kidding).



I've started an on-camera class with Joie Landeaux - which I'm very excited about.  It's the right moment to start improving my auditioning skills and on-camera work.  Joie is someone whom I really trust - and it's the right time, since I've now been with my new agent since early June.  So, the strategy is to work continuously on improving skills, and getting more opportunities.

I've already began going out on auditions through my agent, and that's thrilling, as I'm getting back into the rooms with casting directors, and letting them see my work.  The more I can do that, the better I'm going to get.

In the meantime, I'm beginning a new rehearsal process for a studio production of Eugene O'Neill's "Hughie" - to be performed in late September.  A brilliant one-act, the story is centered on two characters in a seedy Times Square hotel lobby in 1928.  My partner in this piece is Thomas Cokenias, an impressive actor.  More to come regarding this project.

I also just finished helping my colleague Boston Blake with the making of his short film "Character" - an engaging story he wrote, developed, acted, and directed in.  It was impressive for me to see this project come together so fast, and with a great crew to boot.  In addition to Boston, the film features four fantastic actors:  Jonathan Stoddard, Michelle Lee BartonAlice Ko and Rossana Schneider

The website for the film is under development, however you can follow it's progress at this link:  Character.