Kaleidoscope & Diversity In Casting

Earlier in 2015, Brian J. Patterson told me and others about his dream to bring more attention to the obvious lack of diversity in casting in Hollywood. Backed up with strong statistics and a passion to somehow, someway, bring more attention to this issue, myself, Linsay Roussesu, Cameron Mark Lewis, and Brian met to discuss his ideas. Over the coming weeks and months, we began to narrow it down to the creation of a new production company that could self-produce it's own content. We are calling ourselves Kaleidoscope Productions.  To start with, the content would come out in short, 7-second blasts called "Vines," - a perhaps perfect length to get an idea out there, and to satisfy the short-attention-spanned populace, too.

We chose the subject of "Women In Film."  We put out a call for story ideas, and after getting many excellent submissions, we went with a series of ideas put forth by actress and writer Kate Ociepka. We quickly found actors to participate.  I took on the role of producer for the project; and I also got to direct one of the pieces.  We also had the following talent on hand:  Jackie Dallas, Tina D'Elia, Jasania DeShong, Andy Strong, Alice Ko, Edwin Ortiz, and Nancy Madden. They all did fantastic work, and I encourage you to see the videos we produced at the links below.

Today, we release the short that I directed, called "Casting."  I think it is the most brilliant of all the pieces that Kate wrote, and for me, my only goal was to keep it as simple as possible, yet convey her message simply.

"Basically this one deals with ageism in Hollywood. I read that most women who win Oscars do so before the age of 30, while most men get their Oscars after the age of 30. So it's about feeling unwanted and being "put out of one's misery" - because Hollywood projects the idea that an acting career for a woman after 30 is very hard to start and equally difficult to maintain." - Kate Ociepka

Watch, and please leave any thoughts below.  Kaleidoscope will be expanding in its ideas and offerings, and I'm very proud to be part of a creative force that wants to make a difference.  You can see all of Kaleidoscope's videos at the following places:

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