Lawfully Wedded

The summer is fast approaching, and a new show is on the horizon:  Lawfully Wedded Wily West Productions presents Lawfully Wedded - a timely collage of scenes and stories that reveal the American struggle for marriage equality. The show is written by three San Francisco playwrights: Morgan Ludlow, Kirk Shimano & Alina Trowbridge. When Bill and Jason decide to get married, they confront all the familiar challenges any newlywed couple must face as they plan a wedding, meet their in-laws, buy a house, mix with the neighbors, have a child and deal with the calamity of a major illness. Lawfully Wedded is at times dramatic, touching, hilarious and will hopefully give you something to talk about as the Supreme Court makes a ruling on two important cases.

The play will be directed by Wesley Cayabyab with an outstanding ensemble cast of Philip Goleman, Jason Jeremy, Kat Kneisel, Brian Martin, Aaron Malberg, Scott Ragle, Farah Sanders, Janice Wright, & Heidi Wolff.

Lawfully Wedded will run July 25, 27 & August 2, 8, 10, & 17 @ 8p.  Tickets on sale soon!

There is a Indiegogo campaign in full swing, and I encourage you to go check it out and support our production if you are able to do so!  Follow the link here:  Two New Plays in San Francisco.

This will be my first full production with Wily West and I'm thrilled to finally have an opportunity to be a part of what I think will be a terrific show.