Living in the Asylum

This show is turning into something that I think is hitting people's nerves.  I'm certain that the story we are telling is crystal clear; that our characters and ensemble are creating a rich fabric that unfolds as perfectly as we can make it.  If our first two previews gave me any indication, it wasn't until opening night that my expectations went out the window. Opening night's audience (July 13) was engaged and were hanging on every word spoke.  I've never had so much audience feedback during a performance:  people yelled, clapped, talked back, and informed our actions onstage.  When relevant arguments were spoken by Marat or Sade, there was a dialogue going on.  The first indication that it was going to be unlike any other night was at the top of the show.  The date, being the 219th anniversary of the actual event depicted in the play, was not only one factor; the actual combination of that and our opening night, and the significance of the play's themes of discontent and the choice of revolution from within or without; and with such wild enthusiasm of our audience, with friends, peers and colleagues watching, we met and exceeded everyone's expectations of what a Thrillpeddler show could be.


...Tonight's date is July 13, 1808

Thunderous applause from the audience.  And at the end of the performance, a double standing ovation.  Pretty extraordinary.

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