Macbeth at Fort Point

As production on Beacon begins, I'm also ready to start working with We Players on their summer remount of Macbeth at Fort Point. In the summer of 2013, I got to see We Players production of Macbeth at Fort Point.  It was astounding.  I loved how Fort Point was its own character in the production, and the elements of sea, wind and biting cold all contributed to the world of the play.  We covered a lot of ground over the course of three hours, moving from the parade ground to the upper level of the Fort, while watching these incredible actors perform so fearlessly.

I found this tweet just the other day:

Late last summer, the government shutdown stopped the production, and the company was forced to cancel numerous performances.

[box]"...the idea flashed through that perhaps we should simply allow this particularly alchemical relationship between play and place a continued life. After all, we had invested well over a year developing the production and it is very carefully built into the specific contours, energy, and stones of the Civil War era fortress beneath the Golden Gate Bridge. Fort Point itself is a central character, the other director, and our creative inspiration. A renewed life will allow us to share this powerful and unique performance with a wider audience, and hopefully reach some of those who were turned away last fall."

-Artistic Director Ava Roy[/box]

Mackenszie Drae as Macbeth & Ava Roy as Lady Macbeth, 2013

So, with this Summer 2014 remount, the focus will shift to feature older actors as compared to younger actors last year.  Ava:

[box]"In our 2013 rendition, John and I (co-directors on the production) were particularly interested in the story of young warriors. Boys who become men on the battlefield; their vigor, physical prowess and the dynamics of such hot-blooded youth under the mantle of an older and wiser king, and a romantic match of a younger Macbeth to an older Lady Macbeth. We are deeply grateful for the excellent work done by our 2013 cast.

This year, in our upcoming 2014 production, we shift the perspective.

We will explore these dynamics of power and relationships through the lens of the “old guard”. Warriors who have engaged in battle for decades, who are older than their young wives, who are the same age as their King – and we believe this will provide us with new insights into the story."[/box]

So.. I'm thrilled to be participating in this re-mount, and specifically to work with Ava Roy and John Hadden - a founding member of Shakespeare & Company, and whom I met way back in 1999, when I was participating in my Month-Long Intensive.  Rehearsals start at the end of April, and there will be more to share - soon!