Marat/Sade; Twelfth Night; AEA

Heading into the weekend, two days off, and three performances of Marat/Sade ahead of me.  Our little show has garnered plenty of praise and noteworthiness. So while I'm at it, we also have a feature on Sexploration with Monika.  You can listen to a 30-minute podcast featuring cast members Tom Orr and Bonni Suval by clicking here.

On a personal note, I can't wait to have some time off, after working so hard on this production.  But I'm not exactly sitting around, either.  Today I'm beginning rehearsals for Twelfth Night with Subterranean Shakespeare.  As it's a staged reading, we're performing on one night only - in fact, on the night after Marat/Sade closes.  I can't wait to see how this comes together and I'm also particularly excited to meet some new actors.

Also beginning to line up some auditions for some local companies, and beginning to work on my monologues.

I've been thinking about joining Actors Equity.  And this can be written about with more extensive thought, but the argument I'm having with myself is not a question of if or should I?  But, when?  I'm not scared of joining Equity - nor am I afraid of 'never working again.'  I think a common argument among Bay Area Actors is that it's best to wait, or not join, because the thinking goes that there's not enough work in this town.

But I'm a professional.  And I want to work for professional companies, as well as be a role model and mentor to others.  Of course, I don't need to join Equity to do this; but at this point in my career, I do want to be working for those companies that have always been on my wish list.  I know I can join when the time is right, too.

We'll see where this goes once I wrap up this month's work.