Today started with agonizing back pain. Maybe it's my body telling me to slow down; after all, I've been moving all over this city non-stop. Is it because of the weekly movement and Feldenkrais classes? Or is it because of the daily mileage I'm putting on my bike as I criss-cross from the City to the East Bay to Fort Point to Ocean Beach? I don't know, but obviously my back has been under a lot of stress. So concerned was I that I saw the doctor as fast as I could. So, to physical therapy I go; at least my spine wasn't the root of the problem, he determined. He had me do some movement, which I was surprised I could pull off (a squat, for example); the pain will only be its worst in the morning he said, but with some rest and physical therapy, I should be fine.

I'm concerned with my agility and physical availability, as I head back into rehearsal this weekend at Fort Point. And I do not want to throw out my back completely. So, I'll have to find rides from fellow cast-mates and leave the bike home.

The weather looks to be the usual San Francisco grayness this weekend. Meaning: the Fort will be much colder and windier as the days go on.

I'm working with how to make myself as large as possible in the performance space without running down my voice.  Physical gestures and specific movements that illustrate the characters' inner world (as always) will be a central element.  How to make myself heard without frying my vocal chords while letting my body move in ways to communicate my intentions?  The Fort is huge and it easily overpowers in structure and breadth.

The show is only three weeks away from first preview, and there is so much to do and learn. We'll be open before I know it.