Moving Into The Brava

The company has now become fully entrenched at the Brava Theater in San Francisco. With moving into the space, we've been fine-tuning so many details. Everything from the songs to the combat pieces are being looked at and getting adjustments. The combat pieces are particularly awesome - I've never had so much fun beating people up.  In a theatrical sense.  But the fight choreography is so detailed and so realistic, I wish I could see what it looks like from the audience.  We have a huge brawl at the end of the show that I know will leave the audience gasping.

The set is spectacular and is a barrage of color and graffiti. With many references - political and cultural - it is a character in itself, and it will give the actors much more to work with.

The cast and creative team will for the first time have costumes to work with tonight, courtesy Beaver Bauer.  This is something I've been looking forward to since we first saw some costume sketches back in May 2012.

We have one week until our first preview - and I'm very excited to be in this show.  I think it's something that will go down as one of those shows that won't be forgotten.  Sounds like a lot to live up to, but honestly, the show's content, message, and the level of artistic passion and artistry on display here is something that locals will appreciate.

More from the trenches soon.