Next Up

It's been two and a half weeks since Marat/Sade closed, and it feels like it was a million years ago.  I've had several people (strangers!) approach me and describe their admiration for the production, how much they enjoyed it.  And of course, there is a consensus that "if only it had run for another week" - which is always common.  We get a show up and running, we hit a stride, people start showing up in droves as the play nears closing, and - BOOM - it's over, like a puff of smoke.  I miss it, for sure - yet I'm glad I'm on to the next thing, which is what I want to tell you about. PCSF's 24-Hour Play Festival is gearing up for it's 2nd year, and I'm proud to be a part of it.  All I know at this point are the people involved, and the premise.  Playwrights meet on a Friday night, write a play; we actors arrive the next morning, begin rehearsing, and perform two shows Saturday night.  BOOM!

I'm just looking forward to reading freshly-pressed plays!  Hope you can make it out to an exciting night of writing and acting!  I'm also happy to mention that my Marat cohort Jamie Harkin is involved; as well as many talented actors, directors, and of course, playwrights.

Please come check it out.