NYC: Blue Man Group Audition

I am raising money to fund a very last-minute trip to New York City to attend an audition for Blue Man Group. You’re probably familiar with them. The production incorporates stunning visuals, awesome music, and a unique theatrical experience. I'm thrilled beyond words for this opportunity. Last Friday, this email came:

Dear Scott:

We are holding auditions November 10th for the role of Blue Man and would like to include you in our schedule for the day....

In order to take advantage of this, I'll need to be off of work for a week. If I'm called back, it will be the next day, Nov. 11th. There will be a second day of callbacks if I'm asked to return for that. If I am asked to be a member of the Company, it means I can have a contract with a guaranteed paycheck, benefits, a new (for me) and well-known show to be a part of, and most importantly, extra cash to send home to my family.

I don't have vacation or sick pay to use. I don't have any savings to use. My job will pay me before I leave, but that money is going toward November's rent. I go to New York next week with <$100 in my pocket.

• If you feel compelled to contribute any amount you’d like, you can do so - for no fee to you or me - at this webpage:$scottragle

These are my projected expenses. I’m hoping to raise $400 to have in hand during the week:

Airfare: $350 Lodging: $150 Transportation (Subway, Train & Taxi): $100 Food, Entertainment: $200 Unexpected Expenses $100

During my stay, I plan to attend some theatre productions that involve industry colleagues, as well as attend auditions for other productions, if I'm able to. Even if I don’t get to the callback rounds, this will be a great opportunity for them to have seen my work, and hopefully there could be a future opportunity.

Thank you for your consideration. I am grateful for any donation you wish to contribute. Knowing that I had your help will mean everything to me!

Stay tuned for updates!