Opening Night of Black River Falls

Seven weeks ago, the cast of Black River Falls assembled for the first table read.  And here we are, opening night.  I didn't document the rehearsal process here, as much as would've liked, as it took a lot out of me - mentally, emotionally, physically. We've just had two previews, and it's now time to open the show, and for me to step back and move forward with other projects.  This show has been such a challenge to put together, and it tested me in many ways - some expected; some not so expected.  I've doubted myself, wondered aloud at my shortcomings and strengths, put my heart and soul into this production, and I'm so happy with the outcome.

I'm very grateful to Scott Baker and Valerie Fachman of Performers Under Stress for giving me this opportunity.  My cast and crew, who worked very hard to bring the world that Bryn Magnus has created to life.  Man, oh man, am I so impressed.


Bryn visited us in the middle of our rehearsal process, and has returned for opening weekend.  He made himself available to me and the cast, and that has been invaluable.

This play had a premiere in Chicago last year.  My production is the west coast premiere - and there has been considerable interest coming from people in the community and media outlets. We have yet to see what the reaction will be, but I am thrilled with the reactions and feedback I heard from people at our two previews. had a mention this week.  And one audience member from a preview performance described the show as "a compelling and empathetic production."

Part of me will want to return to the theater for every performance - so I can watch, because I love the production so much.  But there is a certain sense of relief in knowing that I don't have to be there, because the show belongs to the actors, and they know how to carry it.  Now I get to sit back and share it with the world.

Black River Falls by Bryn Magnus runs from 10/29 - 11/20 in San Francisco at The Mojo Theatre. Ticket information