2013 24-Hour Playfest: TBA's Editors' Picks

Of note.  Today in Theatre Bay Area: 24-Hour Playfest Playwrights’ Center of San Francisco

Mar. 23

There’s something magical that happens when writers, directors and actors come together in a room: total chaos. Give them 24 hours to create a play, and it’s sure to be a scream. At the height of this madness is when the audience comes in. These 24-hour play fests are nothing new, but they can be a lot of fun. The night before the performance, the playwrights are given their theme, and then they have all night to write their play. (I’m guessing some combination of coffee and/or Red Bull will be involved.) The next morning, the actors and directors come into the rehearsal room and make the magic happen. That evening, they go off-book, and whatever happens happens. Visit playwrightscentersf.org.

via Caroline’s Editors’ Picks: March/April 2013.