In the Trench

What a month - and we're getting close to the end! When a show utterly consumes my life, coming up for air is the most important thing.  Though what's funny is that as soon as we go home on Sunday night, it already feels like the following Thursday is knocking on my door.

I'm not complaining, but my body has been paying for all of this hard work in spades:  First, I stretched my lower back during the first week of previews, so I was somewhat limited in what I could do physically.  Then, during the final preview performance, I was running out of a scene, and I felt a muscle snap in left hip.  I stumbled, but was able to maintain myself for the rest of the show.  But something was seriously wrong, I felt.  All of a sudden, the joint in left hip was sore.

I went to the doctor the next morning and was told that I'd developed bursitis.  Now I've found myself having to take care of two things in physical therapy and my daily exercise routine.  My path through the show was rerouted during the second week of shows, so that I can avoid taking stairs; last weekend, I returned to my full show responsibilities; and while I have slowly recovered, I've had to avoid taking my bike out, and have had to learn to pace myself.

I've also began eating a healthier diet, put together by a nutritionist friend of mine.  So, while working toward losing weight and eating better, the biggest challenge is getting a full 8 hours of sleep.  Since this show started, I'm usually not asleep until close to 1am.  And for some reason I continue to wake up at 6 or 7am.

Today being the longest day of the year, we'll see how I do.  It is very nice to have light in the Fort until 8:30 or so - spectacular light if there's no fog or cover overhead.

Looking Through