Back in the Berkshires

It's been two weeks since I arrived in Lenox, and as expected, the workshop is shaking things up inside.

Flying into JFK on a red-eye, the timing couldn't have been better; clear weather out of SFO and rain upon landing, I avoided the big winter storm that was forecast, and was well into Brooklyn by 6:15a.

With 24 hours to spend in New York, I spent the day with a friend well into the evening, and by early morning, was driving northward to Lenox, MA on a beautiful, yet frigid day. I had perfect weather on my drive north.

Once I arrived in the Berkshires, the weather was darkening. Snow everywhere. Familiar landmarks came into view, and soon I was back on the campus at Shakespeare & Company. Found a company manager and got my room key; moved into my awesome room, and set it up.

The first week of serious work began the next morning. What a whirlwind of activity that has been packed in. With Tina Packer and Dennis Krausnick leading the way, we dived right in. It's pretty much been a full schedule, with emphasis on actor/audience relationship, breath and voice work, movement, dance, monologue work, discussions about the role and function of theater, and finally, scene assignments.

I came here with some specific goals, and all of them are being tested. It is truly an environment where you are free to work out whatever way works for you, and my personal discoveries have been surprising and unexpected. I can only say that the next two weeks will be as intense.

It's so exciting to be back and working here again. This morning I took a long walk by myself to The Mount, Shakespeare & Company's original home at Edith Wharton's country estate. I performed on the property when I was here in the summer of 1999 & 2000. So the location and its beauty, combined with the memories I've kept, make it very meaningful.

20130113-064556.jpg More soon.