Marat/Sade at Thrillpeddlers

I'm pleased to announce my new website while simultaneously telling you about my summer project:  Marat/Sade. This website is still a work-in-progress.  So as I learn more about how to use Wordpress, you'll see improvements made on an on-going basis.  I'm quite excited about the way the website looks and what I'll be able to do with it.  Send me any ideas or suggestions and I'll see what I can implement!

At this point I'm in preliminarily logistics of getting dates and times for Marat/Sade. Rehearsals begin in mid-May for a July premiere.  It should be very exciting.  A note of interest.  Years ago (let's say 1995), Russell Blackwood, our director, hired me to work as an understudy for the school tour produced by San Francisco Shakespeare Festival.  Here we are, years later.  Feels like full-circle.

More soon.