Why not use my voice?

Over the weekend I decided to take a Intro to Voiceover workshop at Voice One in SF.  I've always thought that perhaps VO could be a fun area to get into.  I've always had an ear for voices, and I was actually quite good at sounding like Darth Vader or Arnold.  But as I've been in this business for quite a while now, it makes perfect sense to look into this as an investment in my career.  And so it was with this curiosity and excitement as I entered the classroom and observed 50 or so people all waiting for class to start.  Elaine Clark has ran the Studio for 26 years, and is a wonderful individual and really engaging to learn from.  A lot of items were discussed, and questions answered.  But the fun part was when everyone got a chance to go up to a mic and read copy, and get some direction or feedback from Elaine.  She can take a flat reading of some copy, and with a little direction, turn it into something compelling and meaningful.

When I read my copy, of course, it sounded flat.  She directed me to make some physical movement while I said the words, and my reading turned into a personal connection between voice and listener.  The classroom laughed.  In fact, every single person got a huge response after their reading.

So I signed up for two courses, and we'll see where this takes me.  Even if I become a better public speaker or use my voice in a better way, it will have been worth it.  The schedule is full of interesting areas to explore. And of course its a sizable investment financially.  But at this point, I'm not worried.  I just want another creative output and I want to see how far I can go in this.  After I take these next two classes (in one single day!), I'll see where I stand.  But for now I am really excited to try something new.