Working Actors

So many actors I know have got their year off to a fantastic start. Inspirational and thrilling. Here's what I know: John Steen scored a huge role in a major feature film. Diane Wagner scored a part in the same major feature film. Boston Blake moved to LA and has met three major casting directors as a result of his wins. Jasania DeShong has won 4 out of 5 acting challenges on And some song challenges, too. Kate Willett is opening for Margaret Cho in some comedy festivals around the US and Canada. Cameron Mark Lewis and Andy Strong are taking their band, The Damn Fanatics, to a certain festival, soon! Steven Spohn and Lee O'Brian are starring in and promoting a new feature film Edsa Woolworth. Leon Acord is getting started with fundraising and writing Season 4 for Old Dogs & New Tricks. Brian J Patterson is not only continually booking projects, but I'm proud to be helping him launch his #HollywoodDiversity project. Linsay Rosseau launched the podcast arm of Coffee and Catchup, in addition to booking VO and acting gigs. Taylor Lambert just booked an industrial gig for a major tech company.

Katherine Galanova & Me in a scene from Beacon.

Me:  Just wrapped Hedwig and The Angry Inch, and am getting monologues ready for a few auditions in February.  Did a few pick-up shots for an additional scene for Beacon.

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